Rauf Aslanov

Sociology PhD Student


Driven by a profound curiosity for societal dynamics and migration trends, my academic journey reflects a dedicated pursuit of understanding societal complexities as a researcher. Graduating with a degree (with honors) in International Relations from Istanbul Bilgi University (Turkey), my fascination with research was ignited during field research at an informal migrant marketplace in Istanbul. This experience, culminating in a presentation of findings at a student conference, laid the foundation for my ongoing exploration of societal dynamics and their socio-economic impacts.Continuing this academic pursuit, I embarked on a master's degree in Sociology at the Middle East Technical University (the highest-ranking university in Turkey according to QS2024). There, my research focus expanded to encompass the migration landscape from the Central Asian Republics to Turkey after the 2008 World Financial Crisis. Delving into labor migration, remittance effects, and the socio-cultural implications, my thesis, "Migration from the Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan to Turkey after the 2008 World Financial Crisis," encapsulated a comprehensive blend of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Currently pursuing a Sociology PhD at Vytautas Magnus University (with Lithuanian State Fund), my academic trajectory remains anchored in unraveling the intricate tapestry of societal complexities. Each academic milestone has not only equipped me with theoretical insights but has also honed my practical skills in documentary, quantitative, and qualitative research methodologies, positioning me as a driven researcher poised to contribute meaningfully to understanding and addressing societal challenges.


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Kaunas, Lithuania